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becoming a mountaineering legend

About nims

Nims wasn’t always a climber. He was born at sea-level and not from the traditional Sherpa family in fact he was born in the Dhaulagiri region of Nepal and raised in Chitwan, in the country’s flatlands. Nims left for The Gurkhas in 2003, age 20, where he served for 5 years before passing Special Forces selection and joining the SBS Nim was the first ever Ghurka to pass UKSF selection and went on to have a distinguished military career. Now Nims stands as one of the mountaineering greats and will continue to break the norm and push the boundaries of what is humanly possible. His records will take years to break if they even are. He embodies everything that ThruDark stands for.

Nims has been helping design and test our extreme cold weather summit suit to be the best summit suit in the world. The suit has grown and developed over the course of Project Possible under constant scrutiny from the worlds highest mountains. Nims has now worn 4 bespoke summit suits to the summit of earths tallest peaks including recently summit K2 in Winter.



Elite combat wasn’t enough. I wanted more of a test. Something nobody thought was possible - to climb all fourteen “death zone” mountains in seven months.


Beyond Possible

Project Possible

This year Nims became the fastest person to climb all of the worlds highest 14 8000 meter mountains. The previous record for this achievement was just under 8 years… Nims smashed this project which was named Bremont Project possible in 6 months and 6 days.

The peaks, all within the Himalaya and Karakoram mountain ranges, were not selected because of their infamous technical challenges, nor because of their close proximity, but rather for the one thing they have in common: they are the only summits higher than 8,000m, in the notorious ‘death zone’ where human life cannot exist.

Only 40 climbers have achieved the feat of ascending all 14, 8,000m peaks. The previous world record for one individual to climb them consecutively stood at 7 years 11 months and 14 days held by Jerzy Kukuczka in 1987, and South Korean Kim Chang-ho who beat Kukuczka’s record in 2013 by just 1 month and 8 days. Nims’ vision was to re-write the history books in a monumental manner, this naturally attracted it’s sceptics and to many, the project seemed impossible, despite the expedition title ‘Project Possible’. Securing the financial partners was clearly going to be an additional mountain to climb.




K2 WInter Ascent

Nimsdai is proud to announce his bid for a K2 Winter 2020/21 ascent to claim one of the last remaining grand prizes in mountaineering, a feat regarded by so many, for so long as impossible. For this feet, a special winter summit suit was commissioned.

The greatest, the hardest, the last.

There are countless reasons why K2 still remains the only 8000m peak unclimbed during the winter season. Even in the most favourable summer climbing conditions K2 quickly gained the reputation as ‘Savage Mountain’ which has clearly contributed to the mountain’s strong allure for generations of mountaineers.

Winter brings with it a whole different level of danger and challenge. Numerous teams have attempted since 1987/88, but all have fallen short. Not only do the sheerness of the slopes and overall exposure create a technically challenging climb, weather is always the great opponent on K2 all year round. Summit winds reach hurricane force, still-air temperatures are well below -65 degrees and the winter’s low barometric pressure means even less oxygen – so the margins of error are almost non-existent, the smallest mistake can have catastrophic consequences.


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