"Endeavour through adversity"

Endeavour Through Adversity

ThruDark encourages maximum performance in every sense. Twenty-seven years of combined military service has enabled ex-Special Forces co-founders to critique existing performance wear to develop ThruDark products to the highest specification.

Tested beyond endurance

ThruDark co-founders and Brand Ambassadors work together to trial every product in some of the world’s most testing environments to promise premium quality. Our Brand Ambassadors are all exceptionally accomplished military men and/or explorers and have been carefully selected to represent the brand.

Cut from a different cloth

ThruDark is meticulous in the selection of business partners and suppliers; we will only partner with those who share the pursuit to sustainably provide the best equipment for all outdoor operations.


We have spent the majority of our military careers within a Specialist Military Unit.  In this time we’ve endured some of the world’s most arduous environments in extremely demanding circumstances. ThruDark was born out of our constant requirement for the best clothing and equipment to assist us in this ‘Endeavour Through Adversity’.

As UK SOF Operators, we were equipped with the highest specification kit and clothing for the operation at hand. That said, we were always critical of the way it performed and we are at the forefront of developing it to meet our demands.

The brand name ‘Thru-Dark’ represents the endurance through difficult situations experienced not only by ourselves and our colleagues but to all those who encounter hardships in their own lives.

It’s been over two years from the inception of the brand and having travelled around the world in order to find the best factory possible, the garments are now manufactured in Italy.

They are manufactured to the highest standards using a diverse range of fabrics that are continually tested and developed by the founders and their close network of Operators around the globe.

We are fortunate that we are afforded unique skillsets that allow us to continue to trial and develop our equipment personally and through our network of SOF contacts across the globe. We feel we have both the credibility and passion to push this to the next level.


Research and Development

We have operated and thrived in some of the world’s most inhospitable environments. Our background gives us first hand experience in developing our products for a broad spectrum of climates from extreme cold tundra, humid jungle to searing arid desert.

We test, evaluate and develop all of our products ourselves, that’ll do will never do.  It needs to function above all else, thriving out in the wild without a moments hesitation.

Ultimately, we are two ex-Military Operators striving to produce outstanding clothing for the most challenging environments and ventures.


Founded on unique heritage and unquestionably authentic principles, supported by powerful experience led stories. We take an inclusive but exclusive approach to our customers.

ThruDark is the ‘Tier one’ brotherhood of brands.