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Garment Care

Water Proof care

Routine care and maintenance is critical for the optimum performance of your ThruDark waterproof garment.

Build up of dirt body oils from sweat can compromise the membrane and overall effectiveness of the textile’s Durable Water Repellent (DWR) treatment. DWR encourages water to roll off the surface –this is called ‘beading’. Regularly washing and re-applying DWR will restore the performance and extend the lifespan of your waterproof  garment.

How often should you wash your waterproof garment?

  • Heavy use (running, skiing) – wash every 10 to 12 days of use
  • Light use (walking, trekking) – wash every 20 to 30 days of use

If your garment isn’t beading water on the surface it means its time to re-proof it with a DWR treatment.


How to wash your ThruDark waterproof garment


  • Close the main and the arm pit zips.
  • Open all pocket zips..
  • Release tension on all elastic drawcords.
  • Loosen the cuff Velcro®.


  • Place your garment in the machine with added cleaning agent.
  • Wash on a cold wash on regular cycle.

It is advised to use a second rinse cycle to remove any residual soap which may compromise DWR and ultimately garment performance.


If your garment has stopped beading water, then it is time to re-apply DWR.

A spray-on DWR treatment will offer superior performance and the ability to target high abrasive areas like arm pits and back. Our recommendations are:

  • Granger DWR treatment
  • Nikwax DWR Spray

Remove your garment from the machine and shake off any excess water.

  • Close all zippers
  • Hang the garment and spray DWR on the face fabric –concentrating on high-wear area

4. DRY

  • Place your damp garment in the dryer on low heat for 40 to 50 minutes (or until dry to the touch) to effectively activate DWR.

What waterproofing cleaning agents do we advise?

We advise that you use a cleaning agent made specifically for technical outdoor fabrics. We recommend the following:

  • Grangers
  • Nikwax TX direct wash-in

You may also use a liquid free-rinsing soap or gentle detergent. Avoid detergents that contain fabric softeners, fragrance, whiteners or colourants.

Down care

Down relies on air and loft between its clusters to retain warmth. With everyday usage sweat and dirt collects on the outside surface. This can attract water which effects the down and can cause it to clump. Clumping of the down will affect the insulation properties of your ThruDark garment.

Only wash down when necessary. To maintain maximum performance only wash your garment when it shows signs of dirt or sweat, or when the down is starting to lose loft or clump.

Always try to use a cleaning agent made specifically for technical down products. We recommend:

  • Grangers® Down Wash
  • Nikwax Down Wash Direct

Ventile® Care

Caring for Ventile® garments is very simple and it will help maintain high performance throughout the lifetime of the product.

We would always recommend dry-cleaning your garment, but if that’s not possible, by following these basic rules, you’ll achieve maximum durability from the garment, whilst greatly improving its longevity.

  1. Gently brush or sponge off any dirt. Close the zipper/fastener and turn the garment inside out.
  2. Machine wash one item at a time in warm water on a gentle cycle using pure liquid soap. Ensure all residue soap is removed from the garment, re-rinse if necessary.
  3. Reshape the garment on a hanger and allow to dry naturally avoiding direct sunlight.
  4. Iron carefully on a warm setting – this reactivates the DWR treatment.


Damage to fibres can occur when it’s been in contact with acids, bleaches and detergents. If contact does occur, soak thoroughly in cold water.


Sand and Grit
Sand and grit increases the abrasion on cotton fibres and can reduce the life of the garment. Once dried, brush off all sand, grit and mud.


Restoring Water Repellency
Through hard wear and tear, Ventile® garments may eventually require a reproof. We advise that you follow the specific instructions on the waterproofing products we’ve suggested below:

  1. Granger Extreme Waterproofing for Naturals
  2. Nikwax Tech Wash or pure soap (ensure there is no residue of detergent in your washing machine)
  3. Nikwax Cotton Proof

Anything else?

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