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We do all we can as a start up company to approach all of our manufacturing and distribution with sustainability in mind.

Our garments are made in Italy to the highest standards by skilled craftsmen and women in a fantastic working environment.

Almost all technical fabrics are chemically treated to some degree and will inevitably cause damage to the environment. However, we consider our long-term impact on the environment and use the highest quality fabrics to ensure that our garments are made to last.


ThruDark understands the concerns and questions associated to the fur trade and its application in modern day clothing.  We are mindful of these concerns and agree that there should be no place for the use of real fur for aesthetic purposes.

However, there is a functional purpose for real fur in extreme climates.  The fur trim on a jacket increases the effective area of the leading edge, leading to a larger bow wave effect and hence the creation of a zone of calm area in front of your exposed face, which prevents rapid frost bite.

ThruDark clothing is not, and never will be, designed for walking your dog around your local park.  That said, if your local park happens to be the North Pole then we would reconsider that last statement.

Our select fur trim garments are designed to prevent and mitigate cold weather injuries associated to high risk cold weather environments.  There is no synthetic or faux fur option currently available that performs this task and offers the same level of protection.

We have been mindful when designing our garment hood trims: each of our jackets that feature real fur trims are removable and interchangeable.  This means, if you wish to purchase two ThruDark jackets you need only buy one fur trim. Waste not want not.

We do not condone the mistreatment of any animals and all of our Finn Racoon fur trims are responsibly sourced within strict EU regulation guidelines.


At ThruDark we have selected to utilise down because it’s identified as the world’s best natural insulator.  Natural down provides an individual with approximately three times the warmth per ounce compared to synthetic insulators.  Every ounce of down has approximately two million fluffy filaments that interlock and overlap to create insulating pockets of air, which aids in keeping you warm when you most need it.

There are advantages and disadvantages associated to both real and synthetic down in a practical application scenario.  We utilise both real and synthetic down at ThruDark and consider the conditions our garments have been developed to withstand.  Information on the use of real and synthetic down related to specific garments can be found on individual product pages.

All of the down selected for use in our products is responsibly sourced from Europe and conforms to strict EU responsible down regulation guidelines.

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