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In August 2018 ThruDark led an expedition to the French Alps in order to test the next generation of products and make sure they step up to the mark.  This involved a week of heavy alpine movement in all terrains culminating with a summit of Mont Blanc.  The weather began unfavourably with cloud sitting relatively low and limiting any technical climbs.  As the week progressed so did the weather which allowed us four days on the glacier testing the new kit.

The outcome of this week would confirm what alterations we would be installing into the next line of sample products before they go into production.

At ThruDark we hand on heart put every possible effort into making the best product we possibly can and as the company develops we aim to share that process with you.


The summit of Manaslu sits at 8153m above sea level making it the eighth highest mountain in the world.  We chose to conduct part of our research and development in this location because high altitude environments are one of the most challenging to operate in.

Operating in harsh environments has been a large part of our heritage and we want to ensure it is captured in our products.

The expedition to Manaslu took a total of five weeks split down into a seven day infill to base camp, an acclimatisation and training period of around two weeks which included a series of overnight stops at camp 1, 2 and finally reaching camp 3. During this period we became accustomed to our kit, how to use it and what to carry. Once acclimatised, the team waited patiently for a clear weather window which involved several beers, card games and more food to make sure everyone’s energy levels were high.  Then on 25th September, a good four to five day clear weather forecast meant we had a shot of summiting, so we took off on the climb.  The team successfully summited the morning of 28th September, and trekked back down to base camp for a helicopter flight back to Kathmandu.

ThruDark want to keep pushing the boundaries of what we can both physically and mentally achieve, continuing to learn and develop as a brand. The progression made on the Manaslu expedition will influence directly the products we make. Specifically the knowledge and experience we gained on this trip will shape the design of our high mountain expedition Summit Suit that’s currently in production.

Next year, through our specialist ambassadors, we aim for the Summit Suit and other products to experience some of the highest summits and most extreme environments in the world.

Mission Updates