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ThruDark co-founders will test and evaluate the initial samples in a rugged outdoor environment to ascertain the garments credibility.

Location: The Lake District, Cumbria, England.

Pre-Recce for site conducted by ThruDark cofounders. Available in the post recce report.

Weather: The Lake District weather can change dramatically from hour to hour, however, summer season sees the driest periods run from March to June. Heavy rainfall is a predominant feature with harsh high driving winds in specific areas.

Task Org: ThruDark cofounders Louis and Staz. Sierra Five and film crew.Ground orientation: Lake District areas utilized: Coniston and Hodge Close.


It is our INTENT as the ThruDark cofounders to utilize our skillsets in order to test the initial sample range of clothing in the Lake District environment. Following this development and research phase we will implement direct changes to the next phase of products.


It is our mission at ThruDark to personally test and evaluate every garment in extreme land, sea and air conditions in order to facilitate the next generation of technical outdoor clothing.


ThruDark Intent: It is our intent to utilize our knowledge and previous experience to develop the next generation of technical outdoor clothing. Scheme of Manoeuvre: ThruDark will road move from their HQ in Poole to the Lake District Forward Operating Base utilizing the dead of night for cover.

They will be 2 up in a civilian profile Land Rover Defender 110. Sierra Five and film crew will move from their respective HQ via road move to link up at the Lake District FOB.

Main Effort: ThruDark: Test and Evaluate first range of products. Sierra Five & Film Crew: Record & log all activities conducted and provide film-based evidence for the consumer.


FOB Location: Safe House IVO Ambleside. As per admin instruction. Security Level : TS

All equipment safety stores for activities will be the responsibility of ThruDark.

Dress & Equipment: ThruDark will be wearing first prototype garments throughout all activities. Filming equipment will be the responsibility of Sierra Five and the specific film crew associated.

Logistical support will be provided throughout by ThruDark.

Medical support will be provided by ThruDark cofounder Louis (MED) and local ambulance services IVO Ambleside.

Personal transport will be utilized daily for movements between Coniston and the FOB. To reduce our carbon footprint please utilize all available seating.

Food & Water: As trained survival experts ThruDark will mostly be living off the land and utilizing mother nature to forage. Sierra Five and Film Crew will be provided packed lunches, hot dinners and clean sterilized water throughout.


ThruDark co-founders Staz & Louis will be in over all command.

Sierra Five co-founders Joe and Craig will be in sub-command ensuring all Sierra Five C/S achieve there aims.

Communication devices utilised will be semi encrypted locally purchased radios and Mobile phones.



ThruDark will move from their respective HQ in Poole and road move to the Lake District FOB. Concurrently Sierra Five and Film crew will also road move to Lake district FOB to link up with ThruDark. Following an in-depth target brief all parties will move out over the next 2 days to the pre-selected filming positions to conduct the testing of the initial ThruDark Products in order to evaluate and understand changes required for second phase development. Sierra Five will co-ordinate with the film crew to capture and document all activities and testing carried out by the ThruDark cofounders. Upon completion all parties will regroup for debriefs. Following the after-action report, all parties will collapse from the FOB and return back to their respective HQ’s. Sierra Five will be responsible for delivering the ThruDark Inception film within 6 weeks…..


Mission Updates